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Quiet and often “invisible” to the diners, he directs every aspect and personally creates each dish in the kitchen of Innocenti Evasioni.
Over his career, he has encountered important truths that led him to become sought-out Chef and with meaningful experiences from France and then also arrived … across the ocean!
His constant and direct contact with the Asian world has made him the center of events in China, in Japan, and… also in America.
A culinary artist, he has experimented with methods and techniques to revisit tradition from a modern perspective. He is always ready to travel to share his experience in courses or events featuring Italian cuisine.
He studies flavors, blending pleasures of the nose and the palate to express his passion for seeking the perfect balance in creations resulting in an exploration of the senses. He is personally dedicated to the search for new products, enhancing their quality after a careful and scrupulous selection.
Because of his technical experience, Eros is often called as an adviser for some of the most important names in nutrition and kitchen equipment.
In addition to being involved with Innocenti Evasioni, today he is also planning the creation of an association dedicated to introducing quality food made in Italy to Asia (China/Japan/Korea).


Eros Picco