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Eros Picco and Tommaso Arrigoni: gover the years, these Chefs have planned, created and built the world of Innocenti Evasioni.

Friends and colleagues, their great passion for cooking became the engine to launch their dream and an entrepreneurial challenge. With experience also gained outside of Italy, in countries such as France, contributing to their training and stimulus for their future, they have undertaken an adventure in the world of haute cuisine.
Their complementary natures and work styles have made their restaurant a synonym for refined and elegant quality.

Innocenti Evasioni was born from their mutual and complete devotion to cooking, as well as building a world where both can create, experiment and introduce their personal styles.
They are dedicated to discovering new dishes and constantly astonishing their guests with an always original offer.
Together, they have earned a Michelin star, and they are also engaged in events outside the restaurant to which they are called for their experience and professionalism.


Eros Picco e Tommaso Arrigoni