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The restaurant is composed of a main dining room, where elegant tables are normally arranged to seat a total of 60.
Alongside this dining room is a second, much more intimate, seating a maximum of 14 people.
The decor balances the classic with art nouveau with fine attention to every detail, to make the environment welcoming and very intimate: from the candles to the furnishings, every item finds its natural placement.
The background is an enchanting Zen garden where the plays of water and plants of every type enhance the exclusive environment.
In the light of summer, guests enjoy the garden from within, seated completely surrounded by the beauty of nature. In winter, the large window displays the unique charm of nature’s magic.
The entire restaurant may also be reserved for exclusive gatherings. On request, the Chefs prepare menus dedicated to every occasion, but that is not all.
“Innocenti with you – escape at home” brings the restaurant’s cuisine directly to your house; dinner may be prepared by the Chefs at the restaurant or even in your own kitchen, for an unforgettable experience for you and your guests.

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