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Innocenti Evasioni: a refined indulgence of taste.

The perfect way to escape metropolitan life and enjoy a moment of peace and relaxation. In the Northern part of industrial Milan, on a gracious private street, that carries visitors back to thoughts of the old city and an atmosphere imbued with tradition, within the pulsing hub of modernity.

In this urban niche, Chefs Eros Picco and Tommaso Arrigoni have brought to light a world where time has stopped, where elegance, harmony and taste coexist in a delicate balance. Since 1998, they have dedicated themselves to creations for the most demanding palates, creating a true dance between flavors and raw materials with that touch of originality that makes every dish unique.

A Zen garden seen through a large window leads the guests into a true journey, where every sense is satisfied and where an elegant, high-level culinary event can be experienced.

The cuisine of Innocenti Evasioni keeps an eye on tradition, revisiting and enhancing it in its best expressions. It follows the cycle of the seasons with a different menu for each of them, matching the products with the creativity of the Chefs, who always offer new ideas to diners. The excellence of the raw materials and the creativity and experimentation in the combinations are ingredients to arouse a pleasant wave of emotions.

A Michelin star and membership in Jeunes Restaurateurs of Europe are just two of the many recognitions that have distinguished this restaurant over the years.

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